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The Play

Eyes Closed is a collaborative play, a docudrama about New Yorkers and their dreams.


the concept

Dreams can be vivid, adventurous, beautiful, thrilling and emotional -- and, we all have them. As the first "in-dream" theater experience, Eyes Closed is based on the musings, wisdoms, and most importantly, the dreams of everyday New Yorkers that the ensemble cast has encountered in some interaction or another; whether it be a tumbling aisle performer on the New York City subway or a manic Santeria-preaching cobbler, Eyes Closed pays homage to the dreams of real New Yorkers and their beautiful absurdities. 

the music

Eyes Closed is inspired by Deca's most recent album, The Oceanwhich explores the depths of the dreams we all have as humans. Through the beautiful voices of the cast combined with the musical direction by NYC based producer, The Most Art, we reinterpret The Ocean to guide us through the dreams of New York. Check out The Music page to hear Deca's mesmerizing lyrics and sound.

The Performance

Using music, movement, and verbatim technique, the cast will bring the characters  with whom they have met, interviewed, and bonded  to life on stage. Through the creative direction of Catherine Badalian, Eyes Closed will incorporate the City's dreams into a live manifestation of complex characters, textured costumes, and luminous set design. Eyes Closed  will enable the audience to escape from a mechanical reality into a mysteriously colorful and sometimes outright bizarre world. 

The dream Seekers

Cast & crew


Elizabeth colwell

"I dream about everyone I wish could be here."

A native of NJ, Elizabeth is thrilled to be with Eyes Closed for her first production back in New York after being in LA and London for several years. Other New York credits include Two Gentlemen of Verona (Hamlet Isn't Dead) and Pygmalion (SBP). Selected credits include Williamstown Theatre Festival's Late-Night Cabarets; RENT (Bovard, LA); Avenue Q, Fefu and Her Friends (Massman, LA); and Cymbeline(Oval Theatre, London). She is a graduate of USC's School of Dramatic Arts. Elizabeth is so happy you'll be taking this dream journey with us! Website:


Karina sindicich

"I dream of meeting the Dalai Lama at a theme park and then enjoying fro yo together!"

Karina is originally from Australia but studied and lived in Singapore for five years where she attained a Bachelor of First Class Honors Degree in Acting from Lasalle College of the Arts. It was there she found her love for physical theater and devising, studying several different art forms such as viewpoints, suzuki, butoh, clowning, and kalaripayattu. She has worked professionally in theater, film and Television and is currently The Ume Group's training ensemble for this season. She is so excited and grateful to be involved in Eyes Closed with such incredibly talented Artists and hopes you enjoy the show!


Imani Love

"Once, I dreamt that I was sparring with black and white Stallions..." 

Imani Love is a training Meisner actress, creative non-fictionalist and spoken word artist. She is also a makeup artist and documentarian, basing the majority of her work, thematically around the primitive unconscious and the swollen hearts of dreamers. She has performed dramatic interpretations and spoken word at Harvard University and other Ivy League universities around the country. Imani is a performer in "Eyes Closed," breathing into the skeletons of the city and giving it flesh. Instagram: @imanilove1994 


Hayward leacH

“I dream about vampires that breathe minty green mist.”

Hayward Leach is an actor, writer, and aspiring producer from Brooklyn, NY. Past acting credits include Projection (Codify Art/New York New Works Theatre Festival) and Passing Strange (Brown University). Hayward currently works in documentary TV production. Projects include This is Life with Lisa Ling (CNN), America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa (PBS), and the upcoming Homefront (PBS). Hayward is a graduate of Brown University with a B.A. in Comparative Literature.


Ashton Muniz

"I often dream of water it's really weird. I think I dream of water a lot because I love and miss the beach everyday and I really want it to be summer. Also, when I dream, I get really bad cases of sleep paralysis, sos!"

Ashton Muniz is absolutely thrilled to be apart of this amazing experience Eyes Closed! His most recent credits include Romeo & Julietat Hypokrit Theatre Company, The Blind, Madhouse, and Caneus(workshop) at The Flea Theater where he currently is a member of the resident company of actors. Ashton is a proud Ithaca College and Moscow Arts School(NTI) Alum. "Peace, Amor, & понимаю!" IG/Twitter: @Arshton


emily wexler

"I dream about being able to breath under water, and about talking dogs."

Emily Wexler is a Manhattan-based singer/actor/dreamer/songwriter/director. She recently graduated from Vassar College, where she studied drama and voice, along with a hundred other interests that she dipped her toe into. Some favorite past productions include "A Mouthful of Birds" (Doreen), "The Fantasticks" (Louisa), and "Hair" (Sheila), along with several new works that have premiered in NYC. Since graduating, Emily has been yearning to find a group of innovative, nurturing, and multifaceted artists to collaboratively create something new, musical, deeply personal, and thought-provoking, and she has definitely found that in the cast of Eyes Closed.

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Elbert Min from The Most Art, Music Director
Elena Skripka, Set Designer, Graphic Designer & Photographer
Zahir Surmawala, Marketing Coordinator
Daniel Zaltsman, Marketing Coordinator
Jesse Carrey-Beaver, Event Coordinator
Argenis Santos, Production Assistant
Carly Fischer, Stylist & Costume Designer
Elena Albrant, Design Assistant
Katya Stepanov, Design Assistant


The music

think through your dreams

Inspired by the sounds and visuals from DECA's album The Ocean, Eyes Closed dives into the Beautiful miseries and mysteries of the sleeping mind. DECA's verbal and visual depictions of the sweet-nothings of our slumbering subconscious reveal a much more visceral perception of how we interact while our eyes our open.

But for now, close your eyes and hit play. 


the events

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